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June 4, 2018
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June 4, 2018 Funovation

From Funovation’s humble beginnings in our Co-Founders’ basement, we’ve grown to an almost 12,000 square foot building headquartered just north of Denver in 10 short years! We’re thrilled to be located at the base of the Rocky Mountains and gain inspiration from the beauty of this part of the world. With 300+ days of sunshine, Colorado is just a great place to funovate, plain and simple.

Haven’t made it to Funovation HQ yet? That’s quite alright; allow us to take you on a tour!

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Our Fun Lobby is always stocked with games – the staff favorite this month is Exploding Kittens. The lobby is also home to our world map, where there’s a pin for every new product location. With over 340 locations and counting, looks like we’re going to need to buy more pins soon!

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Speaking of locations, our CEO has just made a sale! Without warning his coworkers, he celebrates by ringing the official sales gong – located in the middle of the office and ringing out to all corners of Funovation. Our Global Sales Manager in Tennessee rings his smaller version in his office, as well. #teamwork

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Startled by the noise, our marketing team momentarily pauses to celebrate and then gets back to business. Engaging fans on social media, working with advertising industry leaders, and designing collateral, our team is ever-excited to remind the world to play!

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The operations team gathers in our conference room to talk strategy around our newest product, RAID®. Our software engineer joins from his home office in Georgia and gives everyone an update on the newest level – Tokyo – where the symbols and lasers are harder than Washington DC’s level. Brainstorming is best done together, so ideas are bouncing around the room as we work through the logistics of this turnkey attraction. The fresh popcorn machine doesn’t hurt, either.

Making lots of noises, our manufacturing and production area is busy today. They’re building laser modules, checking on the 3D printer, and performing a full test on every component that’ll be shipped out. It may not be the prettiest office at HQ, but it’s certainly one of the most important rooms here!

Just past manufacturing is our Funventory, which houses over 5,100 parts that all come together magically to create a heart-pounding Funovation attraction. Our shipping department is ready to send out the parts to the newest Laser Maze Challenge® location. Our shipping department tops the package off with one last smile-inducing ingredient.

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Conveniently towards the back of the offices are the FunLabs. Here, our team of Fungineers experiment and test their innovations for new products that our customers have come to know us for. We’re secretly surprised they haven’t set anything on fire yet! (but there’s a fire extinguisher very close by at all times…we like to be prepared). In their front offices, Fungineers are also known for their eclectic office décor. If you’re ever in need of a nerf war partner, we have a seriously impressive contender in our offices…

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Also in the back are our top secret Fun Design rooms. Funovators can be found here almost every day, mocking up the next Laser Maze Challenge or RAID attraction to be shipped out to our customers. Each laser maze design is custom mapped to take into account their exact wall heights, obstacles, doors, and upgrades like Oculas 3™, our moving laser.

While no two mazes are the same, each RAID attraction is turnkey. So instead of customizing the layout, our team builds the attraction in our Fun Design rooms to ensure each one works perfectly and looks sleek before it’s shipped out.

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Saving the best for last, we now come to the world famous (at least in our eyes) Funasium! This includes our own working Laser Maze Challenge and RAID attractions, a ping pong table, shelves full of toys, and room to grow our expanding line of products. The Funasium area is a staff favorite when in need of a break!

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Thus concludes our HQ tour. If you find yourself in the area, swing by and say hello. Be prepared to compete in a Funasium attraction, and cover your ears if we’ve made a sale that day! From all of us at Funovation, we hope to see you soon!

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