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Benchmark Components

Here’s what every single RAID® purchase includes.
Mission Cities

Multiple levels of difficulty themed as cities – Washington D.C., and Tokyo.

Guided Voiceover

Narration provides the storyline and gameplay guidance to players inside the probe.

Video Capture

Enables players to relive their gameplay with friends on social media, promoting the venue and game to their network.

Access Panel

Interface allows players to add/view credits, take an agent picture, and choose their mission city.

Agent Information Screen

View the top 10 leaderboard, time left in the game, and live feed with this screen above the entrance.

Agent Panel

Allows players to enter their names on the top 10 leaderboard and be sent their gameplay videos.

Open Play Capabilities

Unlock the game for players during a set amount of time. Great for party rentals and competitions; you can even feature a custom leaderboard!


Customer service program covering every component as installed, software, firmware, and system upgrades for 1 year (extendable).

LaserLink™ & TriNet 2

Remote customer support, software upgrades, and firmware updates without business interruptions.

Operational Features

Run with or without an attendant with these optional add-ons.
Card Swipe Integration

We integrate your preferred card swipe carrier into our system.

Bill/Coin Mechanism

Accepts coins, tokens, and bills.

Themed Structure

Each turnkey RAID structure is themed as an alien structure sent to earth.
Interior Theming

Sent down from outer space and outfitted with alien technology, RAID brings players closer to space than ever with an immersive storyline.

Turnkey Structure

Pre-built, seasonably portable, turnkey structure means you simply provide the space (120 ft², 11.2 m²) and the power. We handle the rest.

Exterior Theming

With landing spikes, flashing LED light panels, an infinity mirror, metal sides, and a government themed airlock, RAID looks like machinery that has flown through asteroid belts.

Optional Upgrades

Expand the facade theme to more sides with these optional add-ons.
Additional LED Panels

Flashing lights with an other-worldly feel brings another dimension to additional sides of the structure.

Additional Metal Panels

Extend the distinctive straight-out-of-space visual on additional sides of the structure.