Ever-evolving gameplay challenges players’ decoding skills

Enjoy this arcade-style game chamber™!

RAID Characters


A secret government agency charged with the responsibility of saving the planet from the Foci Storm. Players are on a secret mission from the ACU (Aft Covin Union) and gain access from the airlock outside. Those trained in memory, speed, and agility will find success, as they work to avoid detection and disarm the probe…

Foci Storm

An evil alien race sending probes to planet Earth – they are testing earth’s core to see if it contains a precious substance. If they find it, they will collect it by destroying earth! Remote surveillance is active in all of their probes, and the disarming codes seem to be in a previously unidentified language…

RAID Fun Facts

Element 807

Rare substance sought by the Foci Storm, can only be mined by consuming the planet. The ACU has reason to be worried, as Earth is a goldmine for this element…

Master Core
A probe’s central computer system, controlling its communication. After the ACU infiltrates the security system, placing your hand on the contacts will start the self-destruct sequence.

ACU Airlock
Overriding alien detection, the ACU gains entry to the probe through this controlled environment. Beware of the time limit, though. The airlock can only hold for so long…

Foci Storm aliens have sent probes into cities across the planet. Choose to enter the Washington, D.C. or Tokyo probe via the access panel on the airlock.