PR: RAID®, Funovation’s Second Attraction Released

November 14, 2017
November 14, 2017 Funovation

Funovation’s newest product release, RAID® (Rapid Alien Invasion Defense), offers mission-based challenges in pursuit of an ultimate goal: To beat planet-consuming probes sent to earth by an alien race – the Foci Storm. The entertainment attraction industry’s leading engineers have created a new technologically-advanced gameplay featuring aliens, puzzles, and an opportunity to save the world. The release was announced today at the Orlando-based IAAPA Attractions Expo.

“Our newest attraction puts players at the center of the Aft Covin Union – a secret government organization charged with protecting the planet. The ACU asks players to go undercover and disable the probe without gaining the attention of alien surveillance,” says John Bonvallet, CTO of Funovation. Gameplay requires nimble navigation and puzzle solving within a time limit to evade alien detection and ensure mission completion.

“Pioneering technology for fun is in the DNA of Funovation,” said Ryan Borton, CEO of Funovation. The company’s premier product, the Laser Maze Challenge® with Beam Buster®, has continued to set the standard for the industry since its 2007 introduction, incorporating Oculas 3 moving lasers and TriNet 2 technology to enable component updates without shutting down gameplay. “Our team of engineers are devoted to continuous technological innovation, and Funovation extends that dedication with this new release.”

RAID’s fully inclusive turnkey installation means customers need only to provide the power and an 120 square foot area for the attraction.


Original Press Release Date: November 14, 2017

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