PR: Funovation Introduces New Features

November 14, 2008
November 14, 2008 Funovation

Funovation,manufacturer and marketer of heart-pounding, addictive attractions that require brain & brawn, will showcase new innovations to their Laser Maze Challenge™ at IAAPA 2008 in Orlando. The company will introduce many new features. Following are just a few:

  1. Mission Play. Now players have an added challenge in navigating their way to intermediate mission buttons throughout the Maze on their way to completing their mission and selecting the mission complete button. More challenging and more exciting!
  2. Mission Score Label Printing. Customers can now add the capability to automatically print player’s scores on a label as a reward.
  3. Easily Add Accessories. With the introduction of Funovation’s enhanced hardware and software platforms, customers can upgrade their Mazes with additional components such as additional alert beacons, mission clocks, coin-op mechanism and others, thus delivering an even more exciting experience.
  4. Maze Changeability. Want to offer different levels of difficulty as well as a refreshed experience for your customers? Now you can! The upgraded Laser Maze Challenge software enables customers to configure their Maze in four different settings ranging from easy to expert. It can be a different Maze on a regular basis!

IAAPA is the world’s largest exhibition of attractions and games. Funovation will have an actual Laser Maze Challenge game at the show for all to experience. This year’s experience is based on a secluded enemy military lab where top-secret research is being conducted. Your mission is to navigate the laser security system and heist the valuable research and return it safely…for the national security of the county!


Original Press Release Date: November 14, 2008

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