PR: Funovation Partners with Dizzy

June 14, 2015
June 14, 2015 Funovation

PR: Funovation and Dizzy Family Fun Center Announce Integrative Testing Partnership 

Funovation, a pioneer and global provider of the Laser Maze Challenge®, announced today that it will be partnering with Dizzy Family Fun Center in an ongoing, beta test program aimed at elevating the Laser Maze Challenge operator and player experience. As part of the initiative, Dizzy Family Fun Center added a fully-featured Laser Maze Challenge to their amusement offerings. Additionally, Dizzy Family Fun Center will be the first to receive the latest product and software upgrades from Funovation.

In an effort to lead innovation through real-time data observation, Dizzy’s guests will have exclusive access to next generation Laser Maze Challenge products before they are publicly released. By involving players and operators in the early stages of development, Funovation can focus on optimizing player engagement in concert with streamlining operations. As Funovation CEO John Bonvallet explained, “We are excited to have Dizzy Family Fun Center as our partner and by the prospect of the Longmont community playing an active role in our product development. Dizzy’s is providing us with a local lens into our industry, so that we can observe first-hand what drives and motivates our players, and design responsively. This collaboration is an invaluable opportunity for us to holistically integrate manufacturing with operations.”

Since entering the amusement industry market in 2007, Funovation’s Laser Maze Challenge has quickly gained prominence as one of very few, small footprint and immersive attractions that can effectively augment the fun center guest experience while generating consistent, year over year profits. In 2014, Funovation added a new gameplay mode- Beam Buster™ to the Laser Maze Challenge experience. Funovation credits a casual observation of a young player more interested in breaking laser beams than strategically avoiding them as the source of inspiration for Beam Buster. The success Funovation has achieved with Beam Buster, suggests implementing a beta test program is the right step towards advancing its already impressive game technology. As Bonvallet noted, “Being able to observe player and operator behavior in real-time at a full-scale fun center will inspire and allow us to test solutions that will provide our Laser Maze Challenge owners and operators with even higher product performance and reliability.


Original Press Release Date: June 14, 2015

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