PR: Funovation Partners with NBC

October 25, 2015
October 25, 2015 Funovation

PR: Funovation Creates Custom Maze for Best Time Ever’s “Neil vs.” Segment

Funovation, pioneer and global provider of the Laser Maze Challenge®, teamed up with NBC’s Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris to create a Laser Maze obstacle course that would give pause to even the deftest of covert spies. The course was part of the new show’s “Neil Vs.” segment in which host Neil Patrick Harris challenges different celebrity opponents each week to compete while performing various daredevil stunts.

During the segment, Neil Patrick Harris and Zachary Levi of Chuck and Heroes Reborn were dropped from the ceiling and, while still suspended, each unlocked a puzzle in order to deactivate a matrix of security floor lasers. Once grounded, the stars used “high-tech laser watches” to shoot out three targets in order to shut down a laser wall before making their way through a dense field of laser beams. If any beams were broken, they received a shock. Neither Neil nor Zachary were able to make it through the maze without getting zapped, but Neil’s ninja prowess enabled him to break away for an easy win.

Funovation engineered the maze to synchronize with the show’s production and developed the laser watch and the arm band that administered the shocks specifically for the show. Funovation’s CEO, John Bonvallet, said they were thrilled to take part in such a wonderful and “electrifying” experience and that they have already received numerous requests for laser watches. The segment aired October 6th on NBC and can be viewed on the NBC website.


Original Posting Date: October 25, 2015

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