Transforming Mini-Golf!

100+ Courses

Our standard system offers 18 courses. Our optional courses package adds hundreds of course options encouraging return trips. This package also enables “Create Your Own Course” where players can create a course at home and must return to your facility to play their creation.

Upsell F&B

Unlike traditional mini-golf, players are more stationary and can be offered F&B while they play. Similar to bowling, setup with comfortable seating and watch as friends and families play, eat, and enjoy themselves.

Compact Design

Our standard gameboard only uses 70 square feet. Mini-golf can now fit into any arcade or designated area. Reduce your mini-golf footprint and still offer 100+ courses in one space.

Low Cost, Quick ROI

Our standard mini-golf system can be purchased today. Or, join our quarterly emailed updates for regularly communicated discounts off our standard pricing.

LED Flooring

Our standard system includes a colorful array of LED lights to add an eye-catching spectacle any customer will appriciate.

Year-Round does not have an off-season, unlike traditional mini-golf. Day or night, summer or winter, this indoor attraction can be played 24-7, 365.

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