Players step into the game for an immersive, action-packed laser adventure.

A perfect booster attraction for:

Laser Maze Challenge Characters


Using agility, quick thinking, and speed, players avoid a field of laser beams to engage mission objectives. Those quick on their feet and up for a challenge will want to play through all four levels: easy, medium, hard, and expert. The inherent challenge of beating your score makes this gameplay easy to learn and impossible to master.


Letting loose and jumping around, players explore through a field of laser beams to break as many as possible under a time crunch. Energy-filled players will love the addicting fun of beams that pop back to life once they’ve all been broken.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Funovation sets the standard in Laser Maze products. I have operated mazes from different manufacturers across my facilities, [and] from the sales process to the install to the upkeep to revenue production, Funovation is the clear winner.

Jonah Sandler - CEO

We continue to average $4,000 a month over three years of operating the Laser Maze Challenge. And it continues to require very little maintenance.

Kathryn Garrison - Business Development Manager

We installed two major attractions – the Laser Maze Challenge and a Ninja Warrior course. As a trampoline park, we expected the latter to be most popular, but to our delight, the Laser Maze Challenge has been the most popular addition.

Ralph Park - COO, Managing Partner

Funovation’s Laser Maze is a sleek, high-tech attraction that appeals to all age groups. It is extremely low maintenance and is our highest revenue-generating attraction per square foot.

Bob Switalski - General Manager