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March 12, 2018
March 12, 2018 Funovation

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By leveraging photos of their center on social media, Ontario, Canada’s The Wreckroom attracts top quality attractions, opportunities, and customers. And there’s a lot to love about this venue; “Our place is like a mini dance club for kids,” says owner Stass Panagakos. Weekend party packages are often the focus of their social media – with themes and smiling kids, there is no shortage of photogenic birthdays, which come with unlimited Laser Maze Challenge plays.

As owner Stass Panagakos picks up the phone, it’s clear that The Wreckroom is a busy place this week. “We’re actually bringing new arcade games in today. There was an auction that came up in Toronto from a place that was closing down,” Stass says, with beeping trucks in the background delivering new arcade games.

Rock Climbing Scene

This ever-fresh feeling is common at The Wreckroom in Ontario, Canada. In search of the perfect balance of attractions, Stass may never feel he’s completely finished; “There’s a lot of elements that I’m constantly planning to go back to, finalize, or update.”

Opened in 2016, this indoor fun house already boasts a growing list of attractions, including a custom built 17-foot rock climbing wall, huge jungle play gym, Laser Maze Challenge®, and a plethora of arcade games. “We have a lot of retro arcade games dating back to the 80’s,” Stass says. “They are as much of a hit with the parents as they are with the kids.”

In fact, there’s not much at The Wreckroom that isn’t a hit; with a lounge area, party rooms, magnetic chalkboards, overhead sound system, and ever-changing lights overhead, it’s “almost like a mini-dance club for kids.”

And it’s that exciting environment that The Wreckroom highlights so successfully on their social media feeds. The space is available for parties by appointment only – meaning they’re mostly open Saturdays, Sundays, and occasional Fridays. But this doesn’t stop them from posting enticing photos most Birthday Party Scenedays of the week. The Wreckroom’s Instagram account regularly highlights scenes of laughing birthday parties, exciting arcade jackpots, and fervent rock climbing runs. Pair that with their ever-present playful logo, and you can tell that their branding efforts are not haphazard. By cultivating an environment of excitement online, The Wreckroom is setting up their branding to align both in-house and online. This helps future customers to think of The Wreckroom next time they’re looking for a party venue – they’ve already seen the fun that happens there, and they’re more ready to experience it themselves.

Most exciting has been “seeing what we dreamed up on paper come to life,” says Stass. “And now, we’re looking at the future and the potential of where we can grow.” An exciting dream for owners Stass and Arthur, who are both full-time real estate/mortgage agents and fathers that set the bar high for themselves. “We actually built The Wreckroom ourselves, with the help of builders and an interior designer,” says Stass. And the hard work pays off when customers visit the venue, “their eyes open wide, and their mouths drop. They say “Wow, what is this?”.”

Toronto’s fun center scene will continue to evolve with The Wreckroom’s success. “We still have so much more we want to do,” concludes Stass. “We’re actually scratching our heads right now thinking – where are we going to set these new games up?! How are we going to fit it all? But you know what – we’ll make it work.”

Keep an eye on The Wreckroom’s social media channels to see what they’re cooking up next. Thank you to Stass Panagakos for this interview!

All photos courtesy of The Wreckroom.

Original Posting Date: 3/12/2018

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