Customer Spotlight: Dustin Pelletier

June 14, 2017
June 14, 2017 Funovation

Spartanburg, South Carolina’s first trampoline park opened its doors in October 2016 and they have been busy bouncing (and mazing) away ever since! With multiple trampolines, a battle beam, and much more – visitors to Big Air Spartanburg have to have a wild amount of energy. In this Customer Spotlight, Dustin Pelletier, Big Air Spartanburg’s founder and owner, provides some industry direction as well as talks about the world’s first trampoline Laser Maze Challenge. 

1) What is your favorite part about owning, operating, and managing a trampoline amusement park?

DP: I truly love walking around and seeing all of our guests smiling and having a great time. We always wanted to have a place that is family friendly and seeing that come to life has been extraordinary.

2) In addition to the laser maze, what are some other unique attractions that you have looked into or installed at Big Air Spartanburg?

DP: We have the state’s largest Ninja Warrior course, a double-sided rock climbing wall, mechanical bull, an inflatable wipeout course, a toddler only trampoline area, and a battle beam. We are always looking for other unique attractions to add to the park to make sure we continue to be in the next generation of Trampoline Parks.

3) How do you balance retaining repeat customers and bringing in new customers?

DP: One of the things that makes Big Air unique is that we offer monthly memberships. These memberships allow our customers to come back as much as they want throughout the month for the same price. This is important to us because it generates a very strong and loyal customer base. Additionally, we are a new park to the area, so attracting new customers is extremely important for our success. Along with traditional print, radio, billboards, and mailers we rely on social media and email marketing to promote our park.

4) What is your favorite feature of the trampoline maze?

DP: Having the laser maze challenge on trampolines is absolutely my favorite part about the maze. There are a lot of laser mazes out there but we have the very first laser maze on a trampoline. It’s fun to watch our guests use them to jump over the lasers – this is something that they can only do at Big Air.

5) Do you have any news or upcoming events that you would like to share?

DP: We are excited to deepen our relationships with the community by sponsoring all types of local sports teams, giving generously to local schools, participating in local festivals and providing for needs for families as they come up.  We believe that Big Air can have a tremendous impact on the community, more than just being a fun and safe place for families to jump on trampolines.


Thanks for working this interview into your schedule, Dustin! You can find more information about Big Air Spartanburg online.


Original Posting Date: June 14, 2017

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