Ask Funovation: What’s the Latest RAID® Release?

August 27, 2019
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August 27, 2019 Funovation

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Part of the incredible draw of RAID is the fact that future upgrades are built into the software system. As the game ages, it will also evolve in gameplay. We sat down with our resident Software Engineer, Will Johnson, to learn more about the latest gameplay development, and how RAID is expected to evolve in years to come.

Will Johnson is not only our software engineer, but our resident IAAPA ninja (right)! He awards all winners with prizes among much pomp and circumstance.

Q: So Will, tell us about the newest gameplay release!

Will: Yes – we’ve released a 2-player mode within a Mexico City level. With two credits, players can now complete the challenge with a buddy! Players work together to defeat the Foci Storm aliens by solving a destruct sequence – requiring you to press two buttons at the same time, often on opposite sides of the game chamber. You’ll want to make sure you communicate well with your second player to maximize your score and optimize your efforts! The detecting lasers are still in there, so you must decide the best way to avoid the lasers while solving the destruct sequence as fast as possible.


Q: How did you choose what updates to prioritize in gameplay?

Will: Our gameplay updates are informed by industry insight, actually! Our customers were noticing that multiple players were trying to use the game at the same time [back when only one-person games were available], so we used that as our compass. With that data, we prioritized 2-person gameplay, which is the way we will continue to update the games. Feedback from our customers will always be a way we guide our priorities.

RAID® fits perfectly into the arcade at Loveland Laser Tag in Loveland, Colorado.


Q: What other updates came with this release?

Will: As we create new games and innovate, we look back to our existing games and see where we can improve them as well.. That means as we create new releases, we ensure pre-released games are brought up to speed, as well. With the Mexico City level release, we’ve also added new sounds to our one player levels for deeper immersion. So Washington DC, London, and Tokyo all have new music, many additional directional voiceovers for player guidance and entertainment, and tweaks to gameplay in some form.


Q: How do customers get these new levels as they come available?

Will: That’s one of the best parts of our attractions – all the latest software and game packs are available on LaserLink™ through the internet. None of our customers are taken offline for upgrades! Instead, we can upload the updates anywhere in the world when the attraction isn’t running (think 2am). As long as RAID is connected to the internet, we can do all of the upgrades from afar with little to no interruption to our customers’ profit!


Q: What can we expect in the future in terms of RAID updates?

Will: Most of our updates are under lock and key right now, sorry! But I can tell you that we are working on a few things we’ll launch at IAAPA this year – including a new game mode. Guess you’ll just have to keep a lookout to know what’s being released at the event this year!

Sneaky sneaky, Will. Thanks for your time and for all of your work on the newest releases for RAID! To keep an eye on our latest releases, follow us on social media!

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