The Invention of Beam Buster

Meet Our Characters

When the lasers pop to life which style of game will you choose?
Are you a strategic Mazer like Ninja or a boisterous Buster?




Quiet and mischievous, Ninja makes moving through laser beams seem effortless.  His true identity may remain unknown, but his masterful moves have made him an instant classic.  And whether he is playing the Laser Maze Challenges of the world, or razzing his friend Buster, Ninja always does it with style!



A lovable monster, big in stature and heart, Buster likes to let loose and seize every moment.   When Buster’s clumsiness and size prevents him from being able to move through the Laser Maze like his friend Ninja, he uses his lack of grace as a source of inspiration and invents Beam Buster.  Always quick to laugh, Buster’s enthusiasm is infectious.